ELSIE'S BAND - October 6

The southern counties of England are home territory to ELSIE’S BAND but their wonderfully engaging music has been heard at festivals throughout the country.

They have for many years been the house band of the legendary folk club at The Queen’s Arms at Cowden Pond on the Kent / Sussex border, whose long time landlady Elsie Maynard inspired the band’s name.  

The wonderful accordion and concertina playing of IRIS BISHOP is the foundation on which the band’s music is built and which gives full scope to the ballads and songs of the singing trio of Tony Deane, David Watts and John Hills.

At the heart of their repertoire are the traditional songs of the south of England but expect to be diverted by music hall merriment as well as their original songs, which have been adopted by performers far and wide - and recorded by Tony Rose and Chris Wood, among others.

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