4th June

Bond of Union

Inspired by singing sessions and workshops with folk artists including The Unthanks, Jim Mageean and the Young’Uns, their repertoire includes songs learned from those artists, plus other great English vocal groups such as The Keelers, The Wilsons, Coope Boyes and Simpson and Swan Arcade, alongside some original arrangements. Expect rich, bassy harmonies and some rousing choruses.

7th May

Duo Keryda with support from Clarke Camilleri

Duo Keryda are on tour from South-West France. A rare chance to hear traditional tunes from all over Europe played in delicate counterpoint by two marvellous musicians, their beautiful combination of celtic harp and double bass is not to be missed!

We will also be treated to a set from a fantastic young traditional singer from
Nottinghamshire, Clarke Camilleri!

2nd April

John De Little with Chris Wolferstan
with support from
Maureen Ross and Graham Curran
Our main guest this month is fine singer & guitarist, John De Little. Since his usual trio is otherwise disposed he'll be playing a set alongside Chris Wolferstan who we had the pleasure of hearing recently alongside Will Fly.

We're also incredibly lucky to have support from Maureen Ross and Graham Curran... it's looking to be a great night – see you there!

5th March


A few years after Decimalisation, young folk singer/guitarist John Cullen took on the Grapevine, a bar in Tunbridge Wells. He setup a regular folk evening and frequently performed there with, then fiancee Di. A few years have passed and, since their retirement from running the Beacon Hotel (and Folk Club!), they have hit the ground running. They are busier than ever as a duo, as well as with their new quartet - Four Gone Confusion.


With humorous or poignant songs, excellent delivery and accompaniment, John and Di's first performance here is bound not to be their last.

February 5th 2018

Will and Wolfie 

Will Fly and Chris "Wolfie" Wolferstan play and sing a unique combination of jazz, blues, ragtime, rock'n roll and good-time music.

Will bought a guitar at the age of 20 and, 50 years later, is still playing and singing. Over the years he has played and sung in many different bands and styles, from jazz to rock'n roll and funk and back to folk music.

Chris is a past master of flatpicking and also a fine exponent of fingerpicking in the style of Doc Watson and Merle Travis. He has travelled all over the world, playing in places such as Spain, New Zealand and South America, finally coming to his present base in Sussex.


January 8, 2018

10th Anniversary

We used to meet up at The Black Horse in Kemptown. The landlord and most of the customers were Irish and they all seemed to have a tune in them. We had some raucous, unforgettable nights there. Then one day the shutters went up and found ourselves at The Lord Nelson.  By this time we found we had more listeners than players so decided to relaunch in our new format. So, on January 8th 2008, it was Ray who stepped into the breach and gave us a night to remember.

In the intervening decade we have had the support of some folk A-Listers like Tom Paley, The Copper Family and Phil Beer. But we have also given bookings to emerging talent, some of whom were being paid to play for the first time. In the last year three quarters of our sessions have featured guest artists aged (around) 30 or younger.

So, our guest  is a multi-instrumentalist but the term doesn’t do justice to his virtuoso playing across a variety of settings and he is widely admired for his development of banjo playing techniques suited to English and Celtic tunes. This led to several appearances on Andy Kershaw’s world music programmes on BBC Radio 1 and 3.

He is a most engaging performer, with a bagful of traditional and music hall songs. And I will always remember the night in a bar full of noisy revellers when he took up his little wooden flute to play a haunting slow air and held the place in spellbound silence.

So, thank you so much for your loyalty and encouragement these past ten years. It’s what’s going to keep the club going. Thanks also for the personal goodwill messages  -  I hope to see you again in the coming months. If I can get a slot, I’ve learned some new jokes.


December 4 2017


Bluegrass, Country and old-timey folk from one the hottest bands in the south. Their much-admired songwriting adds a Celtic twist to the overall Americana sound.

BBC Radio2’s Bob Harris is a fan, as is Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music, together with producers, presenters, reviewers, promoters and bloggers up and down the country.

Here’s your checklist:

Murder ballads? CHECK!
Rip-roaring banjo tunes? CHECK!
Songs of broken hearts?  CHECK!
Haunting harmonies? CHECK! 

Fred Davies - Guitar, mandolin,vocals.
Scott Smith - Guitar, lapsteel, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, vocals.
Steve Bell - Banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals.

Scott Warman  -  bass