October 3, Rosie Hodgson & Rowan Piggott

Award-winning duo ROSIE HODGSON and ROWAN PIGGOTT have forged an intriguing musical partnership. Drawing upon their respective musical heritages their live performances are a fusion of the Irish and English traditions. This is hardly surprising since Rosie’s family is steeped in the songs and Morris dancing of Sussex, while Rowan’s father was a founder member of the Irish folk supergroup,  De Dannan.

To add to the mix, Rosie is the lead vocalist with Irish band Crossharbour  while Rowan was brought up in England and whose mother, Frances was an inspirational fiddle teacher.

Rosie is a songwriter, whose debut EP was well received but her engaging vocal style brings warmth and conviction to traditional ballads too. At her side Rowan’s wonderfully accomplished fiddle playing and vocal harmonies provide the perfect foil.

"Rosie & Rowan are at the forefront of the modern folk scene individually; together they form a powerful partnership that will surely accelerate their rise to the top. Songs crafted of the highest quality, sensitively delivered with haunting harmonies  -  and a cheeky smile!"

 Heard And Seen

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