Born on his grandfather’s farm in Ifield Wood, Martyn took off with a guitar and a head full of Sussex songs to work on a sheep farm in Australia. Working alongside the station hands he became fascinated by their old bush songs, “My jaw dropped,” he later recalled.

When he returned to England he became hugely influential not only for the championing of the traditional songs of Australia but also those of its new wave of songwriters. With his newly-acquired repertoire, delivered in with his trademark virtuoso style, he soon became a fixture in the clubs and concert halls of the UK.

Since then, his many prestigious collaborations with the great and the good of British folk music have been hugely important in our understanding of the links between our native traditions and those throughout the English-speaking world. He has featured on over  40 albums and continues to tour extensively.

Living Tradition said of his most recent album, Starlit Skies, “Heavenly ... superb on all counts”

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