The Chloe Overton project gathers pace.  The addition of Fred Davies and James Shenton  has added a rich instrumental dimension to the band  -  Fred’s guitar and mandolin playing and vocals have long been admired in his appearances with the excellent Porchlight Smoker and James has an impeccable pedigree, both as a classical violinist and sometime member of The Crawfish Scrapers string band.
Phil Jones (bass and banjo) is the band’s bantering front man but the eye nor the ear never wander far from Chloe’s compelling onstage presence. Her soulful yet winsome vocal style bring out the best of the bluegrass and country repertoire but it is her own captivating songs that linger in the memory.


“Heart-stopping vocals and unforgettable songs”  
“Stunning instrumental virtuosity and harmonies”
“They deliver a whole package of contemporary and traditional roots music in all its finery”
“With Chloe’s songs at its heart this band is destined for great things”

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