November 7th, 2016

We feel sure that our November session will make for new experiences, both for us and our guest performers, all songwriters with Sussex connections.

We are looking forward to listening to some accomplished musicians from outside the folk circuit  - and they will have the opportunity they richly deserve to be the focus of attention as opposed to providing background ambience from the corner of a raucous pub.

They are, in alphabetical order:

NEIL JOHNSEN, whose songs have been warmly received by his musical contemporaries and deserves huge respect for his recent odyssey to explore every possible bear pit of an open mic night in town. It’s not a challenge that he needed to undertake given that he has already been part of a prestigious bill alongside Kevin Montgomery.

HUBERT MURRAY, now resident in Lewes, is from County Galway. Since moving to England he has appeared at the Isle of Wight and Wilderness festivals and at many top London venues with Lands End and The Hot Rock Pilgrims, with whom he has recorded two albums.

HOLLIE ROGERS’ star is on the rise and we’re delighted that she wanted to play for us on her way to the top. “Astonishing!” was how The Sun described her and we can’t offer higher praise than that of two of her illustrious fans, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason: “Amazing voice, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Carole King” and from Suzanne Vega "...a magnificent and powerful voice".

ALICE WESTERN is a 19 year-old songwriter and inventive guitarist, originally from West Sussex, now living in London. Her influences are deeply rooted in the composers who followed in the wake of the great folk revival, such as Nick Drake, Jackson C Frank and Joni Mitchell.

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