THE VICTORY DOLLS - July 1, 2013

Five young women - impressive vocalists all - are in the spotlight this month
The Victory Dolls are the headline guests.

Emma, Vicky and Catherine vividly capture the essence of the swing era, acapella style, particularly the intricate harmonies of The Andrews Sisters, but have traditional songs in their repertoire too. 

Laura Ward

makes a welcome return to The Nelson, having previously appeared with her band The Risen Road. Tonight she will be playing a short set with Adam Ronchetti, her partner the Hickory Signals duo.

Ali McKenzie-Wilcox
Late last year I was in a pub filled with raucous Christmas revelry, with a full band struggling to make itself heard, when the place fell silent as a young woman began to sing an seasonal song, unaccompanied. It was a memorable moment and I’m pleased to say that, after some cajoling, Ali, the singer in question,  will be providing the other support slot.

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