Ray Chandler & Paul Holden - September 6th

Like most club organisers I get emails from all over the world from musicians and agents asking for bookings but I'm never tempted to stray from our policy of showcasing singers and musicians who are based in Sussex - simply because of the range and depth of talent on our doorstep. Our guests next month are ample proof of this.

Paul Holden has for many years been a welcome performer in Sussex clubs and sessions with his accomplished guitar style and laid back singing and the only criticism that could be levelled at him is that he doesn't put himself about more. There are plenty who do and who don't have half his talent.

Sharing the evening on September 6th will be Ray Chandler, whose return is long overdue. We owe him a great debt of gratitude because it was he who agreed to be our first guest back in January 2008. Until then we had been meeting as an informal group of friends and acquaintances taking turns to sing or play and, enjoyable though it was, things were getting a bit stale - especially for the non-participating audience. Ray's engaging performance that night invigorated us all and we have been going from strength to strength since. For the uninitiated, he is a superbly accomplished multi-instrumentalist, in a variety of styles, and an engaging singer with an unexpectedly broad repertoire.

As usual, admission is free, with a collection, with an 8.30 start.

NEXT MONTH: The Copper Family of Rottingdean

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