Some great performers lined up

The guest slots for 2009 are filling up and we're very flattered that so many excellent performers have agreed to play at our very small venue. Because our only income is derived from a collection on the night, nobody is doing it for the money...

I like to think that we have found a middle ground between an open mic night and a pay to enter folk club - on the one hand a chance for someone walk in off the street and get the chance to sing and on the other to be able to share an intimate space with seasoned performers.

Financial considerations mean that we aren't going to be able to book the likes of Eliza Carthy or Seth Lakeman but we are lucky that so many well known musicians with a national reputation live in Sussex who are not so arrogant as to reserve their appearances for larger, commercial venues and who have given us their support. And that's not to mention the huge number of seriously good performers from the area whose first love is the music and not the money and who deserve every opportunity to showcase their talents. It's they who form the backbone, not only of our session but of similar clubs up and down the country.

We're always grateful for suggestions for new performers so if you know of someone we don't please get in touch via our website

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NottheBodlian said...

I think that the 'likes of Eliza mcCarthy and Seth Lakeman have more than paid their dues in respect of smaller venues and performing for no money.They are luck enough, or rather brilliant enough to have a extremely large & ever growing fan base.

Its not about arrogance its about obligations to crew & record companies that have to be fulfilled.

Such carping is not justified